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Who we are?

I am sure most of you know about Armenian TV Sydney Inc., for those unfamiliar with our operation here are some facts. Armenian TV Sydney Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the production and broadcast of matters concerning the local and broader Armenian community in Australia. Armenian TV Sydney is run entirely on a voluntary basis; financial assistance is not received from any one organisation.

It is also not aligned to any one political persuasion and encourages free and open communication. Volunteers who wish to contribute in any capacity to the service are most welcome. Material for public broadcast, donation, sponsorship, advertisement and new ideas/comments are gladly accepted.  Established in 1994, it is the FIRST and remains the ONLY Free to Air (FTA) Armenian TV broadcast service in Australia. Our volunteers produced over 1040 hours of Armenian program since 1994 and up to June 2004, initially one hour a week then we increased it to three hours a week. All this was done thanks to our volunteers and the support of many Armenian organisations and our dedicated sponsors and viewers. I am sure we can continue serving our community with your invaluable support.

Our current broadcasting format started in February 2006, we broadcast three times a week

If anyone is interested in promoting their organisation or have interest in TV/Film or can help in any other way please come forward and be part of this new phase of Armenian TV. Already we have  Armenian Organisations and schools  cooperating with us.  We invite all without exception, we will be happy to advise and help in any way we can. We need sponsors as well. If you know anyone interested please let us know.


Armenian TV Sydney, Inc.
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